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  • Chelsea Morgan

Recent News

Exhibiting in Venice

On March 8th, I had some exciting news from itsliquid group. I had recently applied for the open call to artists that they had on their website, so I emailed some images of my work, along with a link to my website just incase. They had emailed me back to inform me that they would like to show 4 of my works at THE ROOM Contemporary art space in Venice. Shedding the self I and II, Renew and Resist are all currently being show in Venice at the Visions: Garden of liquid identities exhibition, alongside many other international artists. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to go out there to see my work for the first time in an international exhibition, as my final deadlines are looming. This brings me to my next bit of news.

Renew (2017) One of the pieces currently being shown in Venice

The end of my Sculpture degree

The 4th of May at 4pm is when I officially hand everything in for marking, and pretty much finish my degree. I don’t graduate until the 4th of July, so technically I’m still a student until then, but all of the studios are coming down ready for preparing the exhibition spaces, so we can set up our work. I’m really excited to set this show up as I feel like I’ve produced some exciting pieces this year. I also still feel really motivated to keep creating even though the deadlines are almost over. By this point, most of the time when I’m near a deadline I just want it all to be over with! I feel like I’m at the point where I don’t feel dependant on my lecturers approval or suggestions. I’ve still been seeking it out as I want my show to be the best it can be, but I also feel like I’m ready to call myself an Artist, as opposed to just an art student.

I’m going to be quite sad to leave Carmarthen School of Art, as it’s been an amazing experience, where I have met so many talented artists, and been inspired by some great lecturers, as well as making some of the greatest friends. I’m sad to be leaving but also pretty excited for what’s next in terms of my art career.

My university studio space. (with sneak peaks of some of the works shown at my Degree show)

I’m going to become a teacher

In September I will be starting my teaching course, I will be studying my PGCE Secondary in Art and Design at UWTSD. I’m pretty nervous as it’s going to be totally different to a practical art course. I’m looking forward to the placement more than I am the essays. I’ve had some experience volunteering to help out with the art workshops at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, so I don’t feel completely lost, but I am also a little nervous to be teaching in schools. I'm terrible at dealing with conflict, so I'm hoping that's something that the course goes over because I want to be prepared for that in schools. Hopefully the nerves will calm down when I’m actually there on placement. I’m also not sure how I feel about being called Miss Morgan. That’s going to be strange. I feel like such a grown up!

Bob Ross is the best art teacher!

British Women Artists

Recently I also became a member of the British Women Artists, founded by Jowonder. It's a great online platform to discover other women artists, and if you become a member, a place to promote your work and sell your work depending on which membership option you choose. They also do yearly competitions, and Recently, one of my works has been shortlisted which is very exciting! If you're a woman living in Britain, and would also like to become a member, you can sign up here!

Between now and September

As mentioned before, as well as my work being shown in Venice, My work will be shown at my Degree show, which is being set up next week! Opening on the 25th of May for the private view! Please come along if you get the chance, it’s also on until the 10th of June.

I am also very pleased to announce that I was asked, along with three other sculptors, to exhibit my work at the New Designers show. We will be exhibiting alongside some very talented ceramicists from Carmarthen School of Art who fund raised the entire costs of the stall at the show, so we’re very lucky to be a part of this. We will be exhibiting from the 27th of June to the 30th of June.

Almost a week later, I will be graduating on the 4th of July, which is going to be very exciting! During my time in Secondary school, I didn’t think I would go to university because I thought it would be too expensive and I’d be in loads of debt…. Which is true, but it’s helped me to achieve my dream goal of pursuing a career, doing something that I love, instead of working just for money, I will be working for my passion as well. (Cheesy-ness has ended here)

On the 5th of July to the 10th of July, I will be exhibiting my work alongside one other sculptor, Matthew Iley and the third year fine art department. We will be showing our work at the FREE RANGE exhibition at Gallery Six in London. (After this week I will be so poor after doing two London exhibitions)

To then earn some money I will be teaching English online to foreign students, which I have already started doing, as and when I am able to. I will be pursuing this further by gaining a qualification and the skills needed by starting my TEFL course that I have signed up for which I’m looking forward to, as this means that I can work from home over the summer, and choose my hours. I can also then spend more time with my puppy, Franky! Obviously you need to see some pictures of him!

2 Months old

5 Months old

I will also continue to make art in my studio at Elysium Studios, when ever I get the chance so that I can hopefully put my work in to more exciting exhibitions!

I think that’s enough for an update for now. Hope everyone is having a lovely day and you’re all working hard at pursuing your dream goals! :D (Okay, now the cheesy-ness is over)

Dates of my shows, to put in your diaries Visions: Garden of liquid identites - THE ROOM contemporary art space, Venice - Ends on the 3rd of May!

Carmarthen School of Art Degree Show - Jobswell campus, Carmarthen - 25 May - 10 June

New Designers - Business Design Centre, London 27 June - 30 June Free range Exhibition - Gallery Six, London - 5 July - 10 July