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Salty Bra (2017)


This piece of work was heavily inspired by Sigalit Landau, where she submerged a black dress in the Dead Sea, for 2 months and let the elements work on it. Creating Salty Bra for me demonstrates my personal growth in feeling confident in myself as a woman; to walk out of my house without wearing a bra.


Since a teenager I had not left my house without wearing a bra underneath my clothes; on returning home, my bra would be the first thing I would take off. I was putting my girls into ‘booby prison’ all day, for the sake of not feeling embarrassed of them.


I decided to challenge myself to not wear a bra for a month to see how my confidence changed. At first, I felt ashamed that others could view my intimate form, I felt like I had to wear jumpers everywhere, I became paranoid. As time progressed, a shift in my confidence happened and I started to feel empowered and confident; I no longer felt ashamed of having boobs, or feeling the need for my bra. During that stage of the month I submerged my bra in a tub of salt filled water, so that crystals would form to give an idea of my bra being frozen in time.